George Lopez — What Are You Doing with a Vaporizer?

Exclusive 021313_cheadle_lopez_launch_v3
George Lopez has very expensive taste in weed-smoking paraphernalia … at least judging by the fancy vaporizer he was carrying around last night in Beverly Hills.

Lopez was leaving Mastro”s Steakhouse at the time — along with Don Cheadle and Anthony Anderson — when our photog spotted the $300 Pax vape tucked under Lopez” arm.

But here”s the thing … Mastro”s is one of the most papped steakhouses in L.A. … and Lopez left the place with Cheadle and Anthony … two huge stars … so he HAD to know he”d be photographed.

Our photog called him out — and Lopez responded, “Don”t look at that” … then joked about needing the vape to inhale some Vicks VapoRub.

Somewhere, Willie Nelson is smiling.