George Bush Library — Staff, Secret Service Go Wild … For Fried Chicken!

Exclusive 0426_chicken_lunch_combo1_articleGeorge W. Bush“s posse wasn”t about to get fancy for the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum … no champagne or caviar for these staffers and secret service … they went for fried chicken!

The folks at Bubba”s Cooks Country — about a mile from the museum — tell our sources they were flooded with Bush folk following the ceremony Thursday … most of whom took advantage of Bubba”s two-breast dinner (which comes with a roll and two sides).

We”re told 40 former Bush White House administrators from the Department of Labor were among the fried chicken fans, including former Deputy Secretary of Labor Steven J. Law.

We”re told the gang spent around $16 per meal. No word on how much they tipped … but we”re guessing it was a conservative amount.