Gene Simmons — Last Minute Father’s Day Trip to ‘X Factor’ Auditions

Gene Simmons
spent Father”s Day with Simon Cowell and Britney Spears … but not by choice — he joined his daughter at the last minute as she tried out for “X-Factor.” 

Sources close to “X-Factor” tell our sources … Sophie Simmons showed up at the San Francisco auditions today … saying she wanted a “fair shot” and telling the judges, “This isn”t about my dad. This is about my audition.”

Of course … her famous father was in attendance, but we”re told he almost didn”t make it. Sources say the KISS front man got a surprise call from his 19-year-old daughter the night before … saying she couldn”t come home for Father”s Day because she was trying her hand at the talent competition.

We”re told Gene decided to hop on a private jet and made it just in time to see his daughter belt out some tunes.

We”ll find out soon if the apple falls far from the tree.