Gene Hackman 911 Call — 'Injuries Life-Threatening'

Gene Hackman 911 Call
Gene Hackman“s injuries were life-threatening after a car struck the actor while he was riding his bicycle in Florida — this according to the 911 tape, in which the dispatcher calls the accident a “hit-and-run.”

According to the caller, Gene was not conscious after the accident — and was bleeding from multiple places.

Later in the call, it sounds as if Gene regains consciousness — but won”t cooperate with bystanders who are asking him to stay still.

The dispatcher calls the accident a “hit-and-run” — but law enforcement sources tell , that was a mistake … the woman who struck Gene stayed on the scene and was cooperative.

broke the story … Hackman was struck by the car while riding around in the Florida Keys –and was subsequently airlifted to a trauma hospital in Miami, where he was treated for injuries to his head and body.