‘Game of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey — Red Wedding was a ‘Beautiful Episode’

Exclusive 060413_lena_heady_launch
There were a lot of reactions to this weekend”s episode of “Game of Thrones” … shocking, violent, traumatizing … but the chick who plays Queen Cersei tells our sources the ep was nothing short of “beautiful.”

Looking less like a sociopathic power-hungry killer … and more like an overalls-wearing hipster, Lena Headey hit up The Grove in L.A. yesterday when we talked about Sunday”s infamous “red wedding.”

Headey didn”t seem bothered by the fact the throat-cutting wasn”t as realistic as it could”ve been … instead she praised the show as a thing of beauty.

Word is … something HUUUGE is gonna happen in the next episode — so don”t be that person who whines about spoilers the next day … and get caught up!!!

It”s what Cersei would want.