‘Game of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey — My AK-47 Toting Hubby Poses a Risk to Our Child

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Lena Headey — the hot chick in “Game of Thrones” — says her estranged husband is too reckless to care for their kid, and a key example was Peter Loughran“s decision to post pictures of himself showcasing an AK-47 . . . this according to legal docs obtained by our sources.

Lena was trying to block Peter from taking their 2-year-old son to Ireland.  In her legal docs — filed in her ongoing custody war with her ex — Lena says Peter has exhibited bad judgment and cannot be trusted alone with the boy.

As an example, she attached 2 pics to her docs — ones that Peter allegedly posted on his Facebook page, showing him sporting an assault rifle. 


She also claims Peter — a one-time hairstylist — has serious alcohol issues, citing a recent case where his car veered into oncoming traffic.  She believes it was alcohol-related, but he denied it.

The judge sided with Lena and refused to grant Peter”s request to take the kid to Ireland.