‘Game of Thrones’ Co-Creator — We LOOOVE Torturing Theon Greyjoy

Exclusive 051713_david_benioff_launch
David Benioff is one sick bastard … “cause the “Game of Thrones” co-creator tells our sources he was actually LOOKING FORWARD to shooting Bobbitt-ing of Theon Greyjoy scene for “quite some time.”

Benioff — who runs “G.o.T.” along with D.B. Weiss — was leaving the gym in L.A. yesterday when we asked … as a man, how difficult was it to produce that crazy brutal de-penising scene

We also asked if the torture will ever stop — and while Benioff wouldn”t give a definitive answer, he did give us this:

“All I can say is … we love Alfie [the actor who plays Theon] but we also enjoy torturing him.”

One more fun fact — apparently there”s a casting director who gets to screen all the naked extras for the show. Ya gotta hear our photog beg David for a job as her assistant.

Pretty funny.