Gabrielle Union — I Won’t Fight Dwyane Wade’s Battles (Especially the One with Kevin Durant)

Exclusive 102113_gabrielle_union_launchGabrielle Union is refusing to confirm if the beef between her BF Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant is real … but she ain”t exactly saying it”s BS either.

Things have been heating up between Wade and Durant recently — after Durant called Wade an overrated player who should no longer be on the NBA”s top 10 list. He later said Wade needs to “pass the torch.”

Wade responded with an Instagram post saying, “Note to self … make [Durant] respect your place in history … again.”

Union was at LAX this weekend — and while she tried to play down the feud as a one-time thing, it seems as if there”s more to the story.

Either way, the Heat take on the Thunder on January 29 — bring your popcorn.