Gabrielle Giffords Tells Diane Sawyer How Difficult Rehab Is

Rep. Gabby Giffords miraculously survived a bullet to the brain in January – the first step in what”s been a long recovery.

“It”s difficult,” a bright-eyed Giffords, 41, tells Diane Sawyer about her rehabilitation in an interview for ABC”s 20/20 (around 2:35 in the video).

Giffords”s husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, took hours of home video footage documenting her recovery, for better or worse.

The couple have also written a memoir, Gabby: A Story of Hope and Courage, which was excerpted exclusively in this week”s PEOPLE, about her fight for survival.

Despite her struggles to regain speech and motor skills after being shot in the head outside a Tucson grocery store in January, the Democratic congresswoman tells Sawyer she feels “pretty good.”

Nineteen people were shot during the assassination attempt and six were killed.

“Gabby is too tough to let this beat her,” according to Kelly, who retired from NASA in August.

A special edition of 20/20, featuring interviews with Giffords and Kelly, will air Monday at 10 p.m. ET.