Gabby Douglas — I’m the New Face of Corn Flakes!

What do corn flakes, milk and Gabby Douglas have in common They”ll all be featured on Kelloggs cereal boxes this fall … “cause the Olympic champ just inked a major endorsement deal with the cereal company!

After sweeping the women”s All-around gymnastics final and being the first African-American to win a gold medal in the category … Gabby went on the “Today” show Friday and announced the major cereal deal.

The 16-year-old will be the face of Kelloggs Corn Flakes starting this fall, so every American can wake up feeling like a champ.

This is the first of many deals Gabby is likely to sign on to … she made history with her gold medal and she”s still young enough to compete in the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil … which could mean many more deals to come.

Fun Fact: Kelloggs also tapped Michael Phelps to be on their boxes back in 2008 after he killed in in Beijing.

Take that, Wheaties.

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