Frights, fun and fame: How the stars celebrated Halloween

Frights, fun and fame: How the stars celebrated Halloween

When Halloween rolls around, celebrities never disappoint with their creative costumes and fevered celebrations. This year was no exception, and the stars once again came out to play on October 31.

A certain trio of ladies were responsible for setting a very high standard in the costume department. Cat woman Kim Kardashian killed two birds with one stone by doubling up her October 21 birthday with fright night. Kim had poured her curves into a racy leather suit and got into the role by bearing her teeth at photographers.

“Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love getting dressed up and seeing everyone”s costumes,” Kim wrote on her blog days before the bash.

In New York, Dita Von Tesse swapped her sensual style for a razor-sharp suit and top hat. She remained faithful to glamour with smoky, sultry make-up.

Across the Atlantic, a gothic Kate Moss made an impact at Jonathan Ross” party, where Gwen Stefani was also in attendance as one of the Pink Ladies from Grease. The model was accompanied by her husband Jamie Hince and daughter Lila Grace.

Her deathly pale complexion and raven hair were an homage to ghoulish matriarch, Morticia Adams.