Freida Pinto: ??Day of the Girl? Charity Chick

Freida Pinto: ??Day of the Girl? Charity Chick

Shes always been a philanthropic star, and Freida Pinto showed up to unveil the Day of the Girl Fresco in New York City on Friday (October 11).

Joined by Because I Am a Girl Youth Ambassador Tulsi Thapa and PLAN International Youth Delegates, the Slumdog Millionaire actress posed for pictures and chatted with press at the UNICEF House.

Ms. Pinto also penned an editorial piece for The Guardian in which she explained her passion for the cause.

Freida wrote, Friday is International Day of the Girl, which means that, by tomorrow, the brief frenzy of outrage elicited by articles like this will have passed. This is human nature; I”ll be the first to admit that thinking about the scope of international female suffering often makes me feel like a metronome swaying between rage and despair. Because I know that globally a little girl is still worthless compared to her brothers. And because this makes no damn sense.

I take the long view. We are shortchanging humanity both economically and intellectually by throwing away the potential of our girls. As of this moment, 66 million of them do not get an education. There will be 14 million child brides in 2013 that”s 13 little ones who were smeared in garish makeup and married since you began this paragraph. And 150 million girls are sexually assaulted each year, half of whom are barely pubescent.