‘Fred’ from Nickelodeon — I’m Gay

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Lucas Cruikshank — the viral video star who played the ultra-hyper “Fred” character in a Nickelodeon movie and several shows  — has revealed he”s gay … and naturally, he posted his coming out video on YouTube.

The 19-year-old actor made the announcement during a short clip with his friend Jennifer Veal — who starred in the Disney Channel show, “Jessie.”

During the video, Lucas says his closest friends and family members have known about his sexuality for years … but he never felt the need to make an announcement to the world.

At one point, Lucas turns to Jennifer and asks, “How come you didn”t have to make a video saying you”re straight”

FYI — Lucas shot to superstardom by creating several YouTube videos featuring his annoying “Fred” character … who had a crush on a girl named Judy.  For some reason, they never hooked up.