Fred Durst — I Was NOT Booted From WWE SummerSlam For Flipping the Bird

exclusive 0820_fred_durst_01
Fred Durst DID NOT get kicked out of WWE”s SummerSlam last night for giving the middle finger to the camera, despite reports to the contrary … in fact, the real reason he left the main arena was to apologize to the producers.

The web has been blowing up this morning with reports that Durst was hauled out of the Staples Center in L.A. Sunday night because he flipped off the camera during the broadcast (above) … a big no, no on a family friendly show.

A rep for the WWE tells our sources … the reports are 100% FALSE. The “Limp Bizkit” frontman didn”t get the boot, he just felt so bad following the incident, he immediately went backstage to apologize for his actions.

The rep notes, “We appreciate Fred’s apology.  However, we take our family-friendly environment very seriously and this was a violation of that.  We sincerely apologize to our fans.”

Not only did Durst peace out early to apologize … he claims he also wanted to beat the legendary L.A. traffic following the show. Durst tweeted,  “I was leaving to beat the traffic! Haha, security escorting me out WWE is family. hahaha. Is this really a rumor Amazing. My boys at WWE are cracking up! Note — never leave early to beat traffic!”