Frankie Muniz Suffers From Another Mini-Stroke

Frankie Muniz Suffers From Another Mini-Stroke

He almost went a full year without any health problems, but now Frankie Muniz revealed he suffered another mini-stroke.

On Monday (November 25), the “Malcolm in the Middle” star took to his Twitter account and shared the troubling news to his followers writing, “Almost a year to the day, I experienced another stroke. Hopefully that will be the last. Miserable.”

Last year on November 30th, the 27-year-old actor was rushed to an Arizona emergency room after his friends stated that he was “acting really weird.”

Frankie”s symptoms included difficulty speaking and trouble comprehending what others were telling him. While trying to recover from the mini-stroke, which is when blood is unable to reach the brain, Frankie described the ordeal on Twitter as “not fun at all.”

According to Muniz”s doctors, they were not able to pinpoint the exact cause of the condition. He currently believes the first stroke was caused by working too hard on his career and his band.

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