Frank McCourt Seeks Divine Intervention

Exclusive 041513_frank_mccourt_v3_launchFrank McCourt is covering his bases for today”s legal battle with ex-wife Jamie McCourt … he dined last night with a priest. 

Frank was at Toscana restaurant in Brentwood with a very hot young woman and the man of the cloth.

So the questions:

1.  Since we”ve seen Frank with this woman before, we were wondering if he”s tying the knot again — with the help of the priest

2.  If he”s not getting hitched again, was he looking for some divine intervention to torpedo Jamie”s claim that Frank screwed her out of hundreds of millions of bucks by undervaluing the Dodgers.

3.  How does Frank feel about what Magic Johnson said — that he”d support and protect a member of the Dodgers who came out of the closet

Frank answers all …