Former President George W Bush Paints Jay Leno on ??Tonight Show?

Former President George W Bush Paints Jay Leno on ??Tonight Show?

Hes had some extra time on his hands since leaving the White House back in 2009, and George W. Bush hasnt just been sitting around, playing golf and getting old.

The former President of the USA showed up at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday (November 19) and discussed some of his post-Presidential activities, namely painting.

Bush explained, “I am a painter. You may not think I”m a painter, [but] I think I”m a painter.

I take a lesson from a woman named Gail Norfleet once a week in Dallas. She came by the house — a mutual friend of ours introduced me to her — and I said I”m interested in painting. I had read Winston Churchill”s essay, Painting as a Pastime, and it inspired me. I said, “I”m thinking about painting.” She said, “Well, what is your objective” I said, “There”s a Rembrandt trapped in this body. Your job is to find it.””

After observing some of Mr. Bushs work, Leno joked, “I can”t even see where you painted over the numbers!”

On a more serious note, the former Commander-in-Chief added, “I do take painting seriously. It”s changed my life and I brought a painting for you,” before unveiling a portrait of Leno himself.

Jay proclaimed, “Wow! Oh, what an honor that is. I can”t make fun of him now.