Former Made in Chelsea star Amber Atherton on relationships, jewellery and catching eyes with the royals

Former Made in Chelsea star Amber Atherton on relationships, jewellery and catching eyes with the royals
Amber Atherton, 22, rose to fame when she starred in the very first series of Made in Chelsea. Since leaving the reality show in 2012 the model, actress and entrepreneur has been taking her online boutique, My Flash Trash, from strength to strength, selling jewellery from designers all over the world.

Taking time out of her busy work schedule on Thursday, Amber headed to Buckingham Palace for the Coronation Festival and here she tells ! Online about the special evening and reveals that she still watches Made in Chelsea.

How did you find the Coronation festival and what did you get up to while you were there

It’s always quite surreal to get in a cab and say Buckingham Palace please! The festival was set in the palace’s extensive gardens and it was so wonderful to see all the brands there who have a Royal Warrant. I chatted to Mr Walker from walkers shortbread and sampled some Charbonnel and Walker truffles (the Queen’s fave!) before heading to the Martini Terrazza for a Martini Royale Bianco – so refreshing in the sun. 




What did you wear to the Coronation Festival and why did you chose that outfit

I wore a pink and white lace dress from Escada and Robert Clergie shoes with a Lulu Guiness Lip Clutch and jewellery from designer Catherine Zoraida. I think white is always a great colour for summer garden parties and Royal Occasions.

Did you bump into the royals

I did catch eyes with Princess Eugenie as she was driving in and whilst not bumping went down it was probably the most laid back Royal Event the family sat so close to everyone in a special box it felt almost as if you could have turned to the Queen and said well this is wonderful isn’t it! 

Do you still watch Made in Chelsea

Yes! I used to have the girls over and we’d make Martini royales and some tapas and catch up and cringe! but ive been so busy at work recently that I just text the cast for updates or if I miss it I can always catch up on 4 od. 



What do you think of all the love triangles

It’s been quite difficult to keep up with all the new characters and love triangles! I’m not really sure who’s who!

Are you pleased that you lovelife was never exposed

Yes definitely! It was quite nice to not be at the mercy of producers and have a sense of normality off camera. Although George [Amber’s boyfriend] and I DJ together now under Birch and Amber so that’s fun! 

Do you think you can have a successful relationship on the show

I think it’s very tricky. Egos at play, temptation, producers… 


Are you dating anyone at the moment

Yes after various dates with musicans and actors, George Birch and I have been together for two and a half years. 

How is your fashion business going What are your next plans

I’ve just finished my autumn winter range for flash trash girl the label I design at it’s dropping soon as well as other exciting projects over fashion week!