'For Love of Money' Star — Hawking How-to-Win-Realty Show DVD

Mindy Hall
It”s like an LSAT test for losers … “For Love of Money” Season 4 winner Mindy Hall is selling a DVD for people who want to unlock the secret of winning on a reality show.

When you get right down to it … Mindy — and we know this comes as a suprise — knows nothing about the TV biz, but she does know how to develop a great ass.  She believes being is shape is the tipping point in reality contests that make the difference between winning and losing.

One of Mindy”s workouts is called the “Permanent Press” — which entails doing 15-20 pushups, carrying a laundry basket filled with 2-liter bottles upstairs, then doing another 15-20 pushups. Repeat as necessary.

Production on the DVD — tentatively titled “Reality Check” — is scheduled for this spring.

Or you could just buy a Jane Fonda video.