Floyd Mayweather Jr. — ANOTHER VICTORY … With $150,000 at Stake


Floyd Mayweather isn”t just the champ in the ring …. he”s also the champ in court, beating down a music producer who accused him of jacking a song beat back in 2008.

You might recall, producer Anthony Lawrence Dash sued Money May in 2010 over a song the boxer used as entrance music during his 2008 appearance at WWE”s Wrestlemania 24 (skip to 2:32 in the video). Dash said the beat in the song was his, and Floyd used it without permission.

Dash sued Mayweather, WWE, and others for at least $150,000 in damages — but a judge recently ruled in Mayweather”s favor.

According to the ruling, Dash wasn”t entitled to a cut of the profits from Mayweather”s use of the song … because he couldn”t prove Mayweather even made money off the song in the first place (same with WWE).

Bottom line: Dash lost … and unlike Canelo, he didn”t even get a consolation prize.