Flo Rida Sued For Leaving Canadians Out in the Cold

exclusive 0719_flor_rida_canada_getty
Flo Rida
screwed over the entire country of Canada by pulling the plug on a concert tour … at least that”s what the jilted promoter is claiming in a whopping $200k federal lawsuit.

The suit was filed this week in Florida (the state) by Spin Artist Agency which claims they had a signed contract for the rapper to perform 10 shows in the summer of 2011 … but he never showed.

According to the suit, Flo was supposed to perform from July 3 to July 12 — but just one day before that Flo”s reps “wrongfully cancelled the Tour.”

SPAA is suing Flo Rida for breach of contract and claiming massive loses in ticket, concession and booze sales. They are demanding damages of at least $200,000.

Not a “Good Feeling.”