Flesh-N-Bone — I Want to Expand My WEED Business

Exclusive 0806_flesh-n-bone_getty
Flesh-N-Bone is hoping to smoke the competition in the weed biz … “cause the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper claims he”s created his own unique strain of cannabis and he”s now trying to get it in pot shops across the country.

Flesh — who happens to be an avid ganja enthusiast — has named his new creation “Phifty Caliber Kush” … and says the strain was created to help with pain relief.

A rep for the rapper tells our sources … Flesh has already signed a deal to sell PCK at a dispensary in Flint, MI … and hopes to expand to California, Colorado and Washington in the near future.

Flesh isn”t just selling the bud — he”s also selling the seeds … hoping people in the stoney crowd can pull themselves away from The Cartoon Network long enough to grow their own stuff.

Gotta get that money man …