Flavor Flav — I Will NEVER Stop Blowing Things Up

Flavor Flav
has a dilemma — he loves fireworks, he hates jail, but he REALLY wants to throw another insane 4th of July party next year … despite the warning he got from police.

Flav dodged a bullet earlier this week … when the Las Vegas PD shut down the incredibly awesome, incredibly illegal homemade fireworks display in front of the rapper”s home … and let Flav off with a warning.

Despite the close call, Flav tells our sources … he vows to throw ANOTHER explosive rager in 2013 … explaining, “There”s a way you do it with respect … If I don”t follow their rules I can go to jail … so I”ll be more careful next year.”

Fun Fact — Flav says he dropped a couple grand on the fireworks display this year … but says it was worth it to see the entire neighborhood come together. In fact, he says everyone pitched in the next day to clean up the mess.

Yeah Boyyyeee!