First Look at Rihanna??s 777 Tour: Watch Here!

First Look at Rihanna??s 777 Tour: Watch Here!

It was one of the most extensive promotional schemes in recent memory, and Rihanna”s 777 tour back in November 2012 was all caught on film.

Now, the FOX Network is gearing up to air a new special from the globetrotting adventure on May 6th and theyve just released a sneak preview.

At the time, the journalists who opted to ride along for the whirlwind tour constantly complained about poor conditions, no rest, and very little time with Ri-Ri herself.

New York Magazines Mary H K Choi wrote, “You also start hoarding packaged foods, because you”re low-grade hungry all the time but never hungry enough at the right time.”

We land just as the sun sets, and seasonal affective disorder kicks us in the teeth. That and Stockholm syndrome. Tonight is the first time well be sleeping in beds. A hotel bathroom with hot water is a big deal.”

“Rihanna emerges and spouts some malarkey about being sick. “Usually I would be back here, partying my balls off, with you. But I had to take care of my health.” There is a cute little cough.”