Fire, Drama, and LiLo Converge for New Season of "Eastbound & Down"

Fire, Drama, and LiLo Converge for New Season of

The new promotional trailer for the fourth, and supposedly final, season of HBOs Eastbound & Down looks like its teasing some kind of fiery sci-fi blockbusteruntil star Danny McBride rises out of the flames to jokingly announce that the fire is totally burning my body.

The series is getting a lot of attention, now that the ever-controversial Lindsay Lohan is making a guest appearance in a wedding scene, supposedly set many years into the future. She plays McBrides characters grown-up illegitimate daughter.

Miss Lohan taped her scenes last week. According to a source on the set, “Lindsay didn”t just conduct herself professionally while on set this week in North Carolina — showing up on time and memorizing her lines backwards and forwards — she was actually funny too.”

LiLo had her sober-living coach with her the entire time she appeared on the Eastbound set. She also posted a selfie on Instagram, announcing her current re-employment. “[email protected]! So grateful today, she wrote.