FHM Model Anna Benson — Denied Bail Because of Murder Rap

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Former FHM model Anna Benson — who has just been charged with armed robbery and all sorts of other crimes — is no stranger to the law.  She was once charged with murder.

A judge has denied Benson bail in her current legal predicament — for allegedly barging into the home of ex hubby former Mets pitcher Kris Benson with a handgun and a metal baton and threatened to harm him if he didn”t hand over some loot. 

As for why she was denied bail — turns out back in “96 Anna was charged with murdering a man in Tennessee and she went on the lam for 5 months.  Although the charges were ultimately dropped, the judge in the current case felt because of her conduct in “96 Anna is a flight risk.

Anna wants out of the pokey so she can travel out of state for “mental and substance abuse evaluations.”