Fergie Gets Black Diamonds for 37th Birthday

Fergie celebrates at 1 Oak
Just another Friday night in Las Vegas: Fergie bounced from the VIP table she shared with husband Josh Duhamel and Ne-Yo to the adjacent one where Michael Jordan was partying. Over the next several hours, she took to the mic and hyped up the crowd as fellow revelers snapped away with camera phones.

This was a special celebration though – Fergie turned 37 on Tuesday and, in addition to the party for her, Duhamel knew just what to do.

“I got some black diamonds from my man. Earrings,” she told us at 1 OAK Las Vegas Friday night, adding she didn”t even have to ask. “He”s really that good. He knows me.”

As for the glamorous scene, Fergie said she”s actually “loving the normalcy of my life.”

Last fall, the Black Eyed Peas took a self-imposed hiatus, allowing Fergie to focus more on her non-music ventures including her shoe line and fragrance, which she classifies as “normal chaos, not tour chaos.”

And that chaos also includes mundane household duties.

“There is so much to do in my house, in every little corner. It”s just like anybody, it”s like one step at a time,” she said. “I try to decorate one space and a pipe breaks or whatever – you know how it is.”