Felipe and Letizia"s new reign: the king and queen of selfies

King Felipe and Queen Letizia have been incredibly busy since Felipe was proclaimed king of Spain last month, but that hasn”t stopped the royal couple from posing for several selfies with well-wishers.

In a show of their modernity – and similar to the roles of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry in the UK – Felipe and Letizia have begun their reign with a new way of conceiving their role towards a 21st century monarchy.


Queen Letizia takes a selfie at an event in June

It”s been a marked difference from the way King Juan Carlos and his wife Queen Sofia, who were very much of a traditional generation, reigned.

Weeks before the abdication the Royal House launched a Twitter account. With over 140,000 followers, the account posts daily updates and shows the Spanish public and their fans how open Felipe and Letizia are to meeting everyone.

The daily updates also provide transparency and an openness that was previously missing from the monarchy – and last week, the Royal House posted on its official Twitter account a picture of the royal couple as they worked during a train journey to Valladolid.

As they sat amongst their fellow passengers, the couple looked casual as Felipe sat with his jacket off and Letizia, who was a journalist before meeting Felipe, had her hair pulled back, as they both worked on handheld portable devices and talked to a friend.

When Felipe took over the office of the King one of the biggest changes was the simplest – the laptop on his desk, sometihng King Juan Carlos did not use.

Since the inauguration Felipe and Letizia have attended several events together and separately,
and at the end of June made their first overseas trip to visit the Pope.

The Vatican also recently revealed that the Argentine-born cardinal will make a trip to Spain in 2015, including a stop in Santiago de Compostela to commemorate the pilgrimage of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Newly crowned Felipe and Letizia, meanwhile, are currently in Portugal and will also visit  Morocco in the upcoming weeks on an official state visit.