'Fear Factor' Semen Drinker — Donkey Sauce Was Hot & Bitter With 'Hints of Hay'

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One of the “Fear Factor” contestants who drank donkey semen is finally breaking her silence — claiming her spunk-chugging experience “was the hardest 15 minutes of my life.”

Twins Brynne and Claire Odioso — who competed on the episode — called in to the Cowhead Show in Tampa today, describing the donkey splooge-o-rama in graphic detail.

According to Brynne, the twins got to choose who downed the semen and who drank the donkey urine — Claire pulled the short straw.

According to Claire, producers left the semen sitting out all day in the hot sun — and by the time she got to drinking it, it was boiling hot … which made the smell unbearable.

Claire said it was extremely bitter going down … “with hints of hay” — and she vomited several times before successfully drinking the entire glass.

As for how the donkey stuff compares to the human variety — Claire added, “It”s a lot thicker.”

Not that she knows from experience or anything.