Father Shoots His Daughter”s Laptop over Facebook Post

A North Carolina teen recently learned the hard way that nothing on the Internet is really ever “private.” When her father discovered a Facebook rant that she thought she had blocked from him, he pulled out a gun and shot nine rounds into her laptop – on camera.

Tommy Jordan of Albemarle, N.C., posted an eight-minute video on YouTube responding to his daughter Hannah”s post, in which she complained about having to do household chores, and finally firing bullets into her computer from a .45 handgun. The video has so far been viewed more than 26 million times.

“I”m not your damn slave,” Tommy read from Hannah”s post. “We have a cleaning lady for a reason.”

Jordan, who works in IT, discovered the post when he was adding software to his daughter”s laptop to upgrade it, he says in the clip.

Jordan also addresses Hannah on camera in the video, saying that she can get a new laptop when she pays for one herself.

The North Carolina father”s actions have sparked controversy and discussion, with some finding the father out of line, while others argue that tough love is often necessary.

Dr. Phil McGraw responded to the video on Friday”s Today show, saying his initial reaction to Jordan”s actions was one of amusement – but that ultimately it was an example of poor parenting.

“She was disrespectful publicly and then he turned around and did exactly the same thing,” McGraw said. “You never, ever humiliate your child publicly You”re supposed to be the adult, the calm in the middle of the storm.”

While adding that this is not “the most horrible parenting” decision he”s ever seen, McGraw said: “Did he use good judgment here No It”s not his job to get revenge.”

No laws were broken, and there will be no investigation into the incident, according to the Today report. Tommy also noted in the video that he would make Hannah pay him back for the bullets he used on her laptop.