"Fashion Star" Buyer Caprice Willard Chats with GossipCenter & High Fashion Magazine!

To know a current trend is one thing, but to predict a future trend is a whole other job literally! Thanks to NBCs hit show, Fashion Star, we can get glimpse of how buyers forecast and in some ways decide the hottest upcoming styles.

Fashion Star gives 12 up-and-coming designers the chance to win a multi-million dollar contract by participating in challenges where they show off their clothes to retailers such as Macy”s, Express and Saks Fifth Avenue. Buyers for the brands then bid against each other to purchase their designs. Caprice Willard, Macys Vice President and Regional Planning Manager, is one of them.

High Fashion Magazine caught up with Willard to find out what we can expect on the show”s runways and soon in our own closets.

What”s it like to go head-to-head with Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie:
Its been fantastic! Nicole and Jessica are amazingly talented and the designers are very fortunate to have them as mentors.

What makes this season of “Fashion Star” different from the last
The biggest difference this year is the mentors actually have design teams. This allows the mentors to truly spend time developing their designers with the hope that the designs will get better week after week.

What do you and Macy”s look for in a contestant”s designs
We are always focused primarily on buying fashion forward, trend-right designs that are versatile.

Being a buyer, you have to be way ahead of the seasons. How do you keep up
We do a lot of analysis and fashion forecasting to predict what trends will be important for the next season.

Has a trend ever surprised you
I knew colored denim was going to be HUGE, but it honestly exceeded my expectations completely translating into the mens department, kids department, etc.

What”s one major spring trend we can expect to see
Lace is very important for this spring season and you will see it in various ways. Both colored lace and traditional lace very sophisticated and very feminine.

Be sure to watch NBC”s “Fashion Star” Fridays at 8 PM.