Farrah Abraham’s Mom — My Sex Tape Baby’s NOT That Kinda Girl

Exclusive 0408_farrah_abrham_and_mom_twitterFarrah Abraham“s mom has blind faith in her daughter who has a penchant for drinking, boob jobs, lesbian romps and now … porn.

Debra Danielsen is still not convinced her daughter shot a porn tape.  our sources however, IS convinced … in fact, we”re 100% sure she shot the skin flick Sunday with dong-master James Deen.

Debra tells us … her daughter”s not the type that would make a sex tape, BUT IF SHE DID it”s not her fault.  She says, “My daughter has never expressed interest in things like that.  She was not brought up that way.”  Debra goes on about her little girl who gave birth at 16 … “We have religious beliefs.”

As for who Debra thinks IS responsible … it”s those dastardly people behind the tape. 

We”re hearing James Deen may have been behind things …