Farrah Abraham: Yes, I Do Have a Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham: Yes, I Do Have a Sex Tape

After an attempt to cover up the leaked information, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham fessed up to making a sexually explicit tape with porn star James Deen.

In a statement to Fox 411, the 20-year-old reality star said, I”m a great woman, mother and entrepreneur… I wanted my own personal video made and photos taken for myself, when I am older I will have my best year to look back on.

On Tuesday (April 9), Deen chatted about the news and said that it was a professionally produced pornography film rather than a sex tape.

After admitting to the deed, Farrah said, “I will not be [selling the movie] for anything less than a couple million.”

In addition, the single mother to three-year-old daughter Sophia told TMZ, “If my ex-boyfriend Derek were alive, I would”ve rather it had been him with me.”

Her ex was killed in a car crash back in 2008.