Farrah Abraham — Worried She Could Get Pregnant THAT Way

Exclusive 0510-farrah-abraham-pregnantNewly minted porn star Farrah Abraham is so worried James Deen knocked her up while filming their infamous sex tape … she peed on a stick.

Sources close to Farrah tell our sources … the former “Teen Mom” star hadn”t had sex in more than a year before James got her … and the duo didn”t wear condoms while filming … and Farrah wasn”t on birth control. Basically all the makings for an after school special.

We”re told Farrah recently missed her period and started freaking out, thinking she was growing a little porn spawn.  So she went shopping for a pregnancy test at her local pharmacy.

We”re going to go to out on a limb that she”s NOT pregnant … for 2 reasons.

1.  We”ve seen the tape, and you don”t get pregnant THAT way.

2. It”s not that James” parting gift went IN her as much as ON her.