‘Family Matters’ Star Cherie Johnson — I Bus Tables Now … AT MY OWN RESTAURANT

Cherie Johnson - the girl who played Maxine in Family Matters
Cherie Johnson
— the girl who played Laura Winslow”s best bud Maxine on “Family Matters” — just opened her own restaurant in Houston … but she”s not some absentee boss … she actually buses the tables herself.

The restaurant”s called Datt”s It — and we”re told Cherie opened it last month in a developmentally-challenged section of Houston, hoping to bring the struggling neighborhood some business … and bring it back to life.

The menu includes all kinds of American classics — burgers, fries, hot dogs, wings — and the ONLY thing on the menu over $5 is the waffle with eggs and bacon (that”s $6.50).

Last time we heard anything about Cherie Johnson was over a year ago — when she had just gotten engaged to Ricky Romance, brother of B2K singer Raz-B. Time flies.