Fall Out Boy Drop By iHeartRadio Studios

Fall Out Boy Drop By iHeartRadio Studios

Theyre gearing up for the release of their comeback album Save Rock and Roll and subsequent tour, and Fall Out Boy paid a visit to iHeartRadio Studios to discuss how things are going so far.

Drummer Andy Hurley noted that its quite a transition going back out on the road to play night-after-night live shows. There was this moment before the first show where I was like, Man, do I really want to do this This is stressful! But once we started playing its like, thats my favorite thing in life.

Meanwhile, Joe Trohman (guitars) noted that he feels a bit rusty at this point- At the Chicago show, during the first three songs (some of our older and faster songs) I said [to myself], Oh, were too old to play these!

And lead singer/guitarist Patrick Stump confessed to forgetting his lyrics already! Holy smokes, I forgot everything. There was one point where I was basically leaning on the three kids in the front who were singing every word. I was reading their lips because I was like, I dont remember these words at all.

Thanks to iHeartRadio for the exclusive interview!