F-18 Jet Crash Hero — Navy Still Hasn’t Paid for Blowing Up My Apartment

The U.S. Navy has not forked over a single cent to one of the men whose apartment was obliterated in last week”s F-18 crash … so says the man himself  … who”s now considering legal action.

our sources spoke with Colby Smith — who rushed out of his apartment and helped save one of the pilots from the wreckage following Friday”s crash in Virginia.

Colby tells us, the Navy agreed to pay for a hotel room for him and his family after the disaster — but this morning, the hotel kicked “em out … because the Navy hadn”t paid.

Colby says his fam had to shell out $400 for the room … and will be changing hotels tonight. So far, we”re told the Navy still hasn”t sent a check.

According to Colby, the Navy also agreed to cover all damages stemming from the accident — but a government rep said it could take up to 2 years before that payment is processed.

Colby tells us a 2 year wait is unacceptable … and has already met with a lawyer in  the hopes of expediting the process.

As for daily expenses — we”re told the Navy is paying out $89 per person per day for lodging, $30 per day for food, and $200 TOTAL for clothing.

Calls to the Navy were not returned.