Exclusive: Jungle King Kian on his new year wish

Exclusive: Jungle King Kian on his new year wish
I’m A Celebrity… winner Kian Egan and his wife Jodi have given their first exclusive interview and photoshoot to ! magazine where they reveal they are planning another baby to seal their love.

The 2013 winner and his actress wife already have son Koa, nearly two. But they missed each other so much during the jungle experience that they have now decided to have another child.


Talking during an exclusive interview and photoshoot, Jodi told ! “We were in the canteen just after he’d emerged from the jungle when he looked at me and said, ‘We’ve got to have another baby!’ I was stunned – but I’m all for it. I’d like a little girl next.”

Kian adds: “Being away from my family made me look at our lives. I was on top of the world and the only other time I’d felt like this was when we had Koa. I’d love to have a mini Jodi. I’m so lucky to have her and Koa and if we can give him a brother or sister, why wait”

And he said that his experience on the show was life-changing. “It taught me to take nothing for granted. Just to be able to walk past a shop and buy a bar of chocolate feels fantastic to me now. When you’re stripped of all the resources we have at our fingertips and forced to live on a small portion of rice and beans each day it changes your outlook, makes you think.”

The former Westlife singer also dispelled the story that he had been extremely ill for two days after losing too much weight.

“I lost 9 kilos, but was not bed-ridden for two consecutive days,” he explained. “My body wasn’t used to eating so little and after the first week, I was overcome with fatigue. A week later I felt dizzy and that’s when a doctor examined me. He gave me some vitamins and after that I was as right as rain.”

To read more of the interview with Kian and Jodi, pick up the latest issue of ! magazine.