Exclusive: Christina Milian Dotes on Daughter, Confirms Paula Patton & Robin Thicke??s Hot Romance

Exclusive: Christina Milian Dotes on Daughter, Confirms Paula Patton & Robin Thicke??s Hot Romance

She continues to impress fans and judges on the hit reality competition and in between rehearsals, Christina Milian sat down to chat with GossipCenter about her experience on Dancing with the Stars.”

The 32-year-old performer is working the dance floor with pro Mark Ballas, while continuing to make new music and promote her products (Platinum E Hookah and Viva Diva Wines).

In addition to her thriving career, Miss Milian makes sure she spends ample time with her darling daughter Violet and let us in on how she juggles her work schedule with mommy duties.

Meanwhile, the Dip it Low songstress dished about her Baggage Claim co-star Paula Patton”s behind-the-scenes relationship with Robin Thicke and let us know the true hotness level of their love affair.

Check out Christinas full interview with GossipCenter below and watch her perform live on ABCs DWTS Monday nights!

On her DWTS experience:
Its way better than I even imagined Everybody else here that is on the show with me, were all feeling the same thing… Its a special bond The most important thing is it really is fun. Im having a really good time.

On her partner, Mark Ballas:
Mark is great, he and I get along just fine. Were like the perfect match the two of us. Hes a great coach as far as giving direction and he comes up with great choreography, like great story lines for our performances that help me get my mind into the character.

On Violets reaction to Christina being on the show:
She loves to watch me dance. She loves to take my phone and watch my rehearsals that I do with Mark or she will go on YouTube and watch our performances. Shell watch it all the way through and replay it again.

On having more children:
Probably like one more. As a working mom, I want to make sure I can give equal attention to my children. I want to be able to raise my children and nobody else have to do that. I would take a break when it came to that time again and I think it would be great for Violet to have a sibling.

On juggling mommy duties with her career:
I make the most of each moment that I can possibly have when I am with her. If its the morning, I make breakfast, we hang out, we watch cartoons together, read a book. If its with work, if she can come visit me I make sure she can come visit Shes familiar with me working so shes very understanding. Even if its just dressing her up for school or picking her up from school, thats special.

Usually Im late everywhere I go because I just want to spend that last second that I can with her.

On Robin and Paula:
I went to meet with Robin Thicke a long time ago to work with him and she answered the door and that was the first woman thats ever made my jaw drop. Like wow, she is beautiful. And I can understand him being madly in love with her and her being madly attracted to him because hes a great performer, hes a sexy guy. And Im sure they have a crazy bond together knowing that theyve been together for so long. Behind-the-scenes its just as hot.

On her love life:
My love life is going good. Im in a really good place, I have a person whos understanding of my career, hes supportive and really great with my daughter too. All those things make me happy.

On Violets Halloween costumes:
I got her three different costumes. I got her a princess outfit because shes destined to be a princess for life. I got her an ace of spades princess outfit, which is adorable and also a unicorn.

On her Halloween costume:
I havent picked mine yet, I dont know what Im going to do. I have no clue. I need help, I dont know. My daughter told me I have to dress like a princess. She told my mom that she has to dress like a dragon.