Ex-stripper says fake surgeon’s butt implants ruined her life

A Tampa woman says her life has been ruined after a fake doctor injected Fix-A-Flat and cement into her buttocks, claiming it was silicone. She is now on food stamps and facing foreclosure because she can’t work due to her heavy rear, which has become brick-hard and discolored. It is excruciating to sit down, she says, and she suffers chronic coughing and pneumonia.
The former stripper is the latest alleged victim of fake Florida surgeon Oneal Ron Morris, a transgendered woman who, as shown in her photo above, is clearly a trunk-junk enthusiast. Morris stands accused of performing numerous back-alley cosmetic operations that pumped chemicals like bathroom caulk, cement, Super Glue and mineral oil into patients in exchange for $1,500 to $,4000 per procedure.