Ex-NFL Star Jamal Lewis Files for Bankruptcy

Retired NFL star Jamal Lewis — who helped the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl in 2001 — has filed for bankruptcy, claiming he”s a financial train wreck … and can”t pay his eight-figure debt.

Jamal filed the Chapter 11 papers in Atlanta — according to the docs, he”s got $14,455,854 in assets but he”s racked up a whopping $10,566,764.18 in debts.

Among his creditors — Bank Of America has a lien for $947,876, Benz has one for 113k, Chrysler for 15k … and the list goes on.

As for his assets — Jamal”s got five homes, a bunch of expensive cars, a $500,000 401(k), and 50% ownership in Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark in Columbus, OH (worth about $6 mil).

According to the docs, Jamal is self-employed and earns approximately $35,000 a month.

By filing Chapter 11 Jamal … can keep most of what he”s got, while negotiating reduced and extended payments to creditors.