Ex-NBA Star Tracy McGrady — Sorry Michael Jordan … Kobe Bryant Was Wayyy Harder to Guard

Exclusive 082113_tracy_mcgrady_launchAt least one NBA star is willing to say it — Kobe Bryant is a much tougher opponent than his airness, Michael Jordan was … at least according to Tracy McGrady. (Pause for lightning bolts)

McGrady was responding to Kobe”s recent comment that T-Mac was the hardest player he ever had to guard — so, we expected him to throw a little praise back at Kobe.

But watch his comments at LAX — McGrady wasn”t just being nice … and actually went out of his way to say it”s “not even close” who his toughest assignment was on the court.

Remember, McGrady checked Jordan during MJ”s final title run in Chicago … when he was still making players look foolish.

So, Kobe over MJ Tracy said it … not us.