Ex-NBA Star Cuttino Mobley — Lamar Odom’s Prime for an NBA Comeback

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Lamar Odom“s ex college roommate, and former NBA player Cuttino Mobley believes L.O. can shake off his drug problems in time to make it back to the NBA … THIS SEASON!

Mobley, who”s 38 and attempting his own comeback, was cruising through the Grove Monday when he said, “Hopefully Lamar will be back before mid (season).”

Cuttino says he was Lamar”s roomie at the Univ. of Rhode Island, way back in the day, but admits he hasn”t reached out to Lamar yet because … “Gotta give him his space.”

Lamar is 5 years younger than Mobley, but as our sources first reported … he”s also battling crack addiction — so pretty shocking to hear Mobley say Lamar will comeback before he does.

Thing is … Cuttino looks to be in really good shape. $(function() $(“#poll-1878-93b6c95d43e2b14a6b43234fe3c5ef9b div form ul li”) .children() .not($(“div.styledRadio”)) .filter(“input:radio”) .screwDefaultButtons( checked: “url(http://ll-assets.tmz.com/www.tmz.com/default/cache/images/radio_Checked.v2013_04_30_065211.gif)”, unchecked: “url(http://ll-assets.tmz.com/www.tmz.com/default/cache/images/radio_Unchecked.v2013_04_30_065211.gif)”, width: 20, height: 20, pollid: “1878-93b6c95d43e2b14a6b43234fe3c5ef9b”, ); });

Better chance to comeback …

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Better chance to comeback …

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