Ex-MLB Star Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden — Sued By Lawyers Over Massive Divorce Bill

Exclusive 0823-dwight-gooden-getty
Another punch straight to the gut for ex-MLB star Dwight “Doc” Gooden — our sources has learned, his own lawyers just sued him for not paying the tab on his divorce.

Doc”s wife Monique filed for divorce back in November after 3 years of marriage and an extremely tumultuous relationship. Back in 2005, Doc was even accused of hitting Monique after she allegedly threw a cell phone at him.

Doc”s lawyers claim the ex-pitcher hired them soon after Monique filed, and Doc agreed to pony up $325/hour for their services. They claim Gooden has since refused to pay … and has racked up $15,254 in unpaid bills.

Rough summer for a guy who was once king of NYC, and a 3-time World Series champ.

Last month Doc and Monique (who were living together despite the divorce) were evicted from their Jersey mansion for not paying rent.

Calls to Dwight”s people weren”t returned.