Ex ‘Dr. 90210’ Docs — Kids Separated in Nasty Custody War

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Two prominent Beverly Hills doctors once featured on “Dr. 90210” are locked in a child custody war involving wild allegations of abuse — and it all comes to a head this morning … as the 3 youngest kids will be separated from their older brother … our sources has learned.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Evans and dermatologist Dr. Susan Evans” nasty divorce took a nasty turn last month when their oldest child filed legal docs, accusing his father of sexually abusing his younger siblings.

According to a request for a temporary restraining order, filed by Brian and Susan”s 12-year-old son on Oct. 15 … Brian touched his 6-year-old son”s penis — and also touched the genitals of their 8-year-old twin daughters.

Further, the eldest son claims Brian “hit me in the face, dragged me for 2 rooms” and threatened to kill the kids and their mom. According to the TRO request, this went down in Oct. 2012 … a full year before the TRO was filed.

Attorneys for Brian flatly deny the allegations, and say authorities investigated and disproved them.

In fact, on Oct. 24 the court issued a major modification of child custody … granting Brian legal custody of all 4 children, and physical custody of the three youngest ones. The handoff is scheduled to happen this morning in L.A. County Family court.

The order also prohibits Susan from having any contact — “in person, by telephone, text, email, or otherwise” — with the 3 kids for the next 30 days. The oldest son will continue living with Susan.

After the 30 days, Susan can have 4 monitored visits with the kids — but no overnights — and a month after that … she can ask to modify the custody order.

Sources connected to Susan tell us she is perplexed as to why the judge ordered such a drastic change … especially in the wake of her son”s allegations of abuse.