Ex-Basketball Wives Star — ‘Hos’ Are RUINING the Show!!!

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Basketball Wives” should only feature the WIVES of basketball players … and NOT random “hos” … so says former cast member Laura Govan who says the recent crop of women are ruining the reality show. 

Govan — who was axed from the show after Season 2 — tells us she”s got a serious beef with show creator Shaunie O”Neal … explaining, “I feel like she didn”t keep [the show] in the basketball creed.”

“She shoulda kept “Basketball Wives,” basketball wives” … adding, “There coulda been a “Housewives or a Ho” show for everybody else later.”

Clearly, Laura is talking about cast members like Draya Michele (ex-GF of football player Orlando Scandrick) and Sunday Carter (who reportedly had a daughter with married ex-NBA star Larry Hughes.)

FYI — Laura doesn”t exactly fit the mold herself … “cause she ain”t a basketball “wife” either — even though she”s been engaged to Gilbert Arenas off and on for years.