Evelyn Lozada — I Want the No-Contact Order Against Chad Johnson to END

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Former NFL star Chad Johnson may once again be able to communicate with his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada — after allegedly head-butting her — because Evelyn plans to let the no-contact order against him expire.

Sources close to the ex-couple tell our sources, Chad”s on track to finish his batterer”s intervention program in the next couple months — at which point Chad will ask the judge to terminate his probation and lift the no-contact order.

If that happens, Evelyn would have to get a civil restraining order to keep Chad away — but we”re told she has decided NOT to do that … because she just wants to “move on.”

Chad was sentenced to one year probation and the batterer”s class after pleading “no contest” to domestic battery following the August 11 fight with Evelyn — but since he”s completing the class early … the judge can also lift the probation early.

Despite Evelyn”s decision … we”re told she does NOT want a reunion with Chad.