Eve — Backtracks Poorly from Britney Spears Slam

Exclusive 0217_eve_still

Eve is trying to distance herself from the comments she made about Britney Spears on the new will.i.am song, but her argument just doesn”t make any sense.

Eve was a guest on Bravo”s “Watch What Happens Live” last week … where she questioned whether Britney really provided the British-accented voice on “Scream & Shout.” Britney”s people called Eve”s claim “absolute BS.”

Today in DC, our photog asked Eve about her comments, to which she replied, “I didn”t say anything about her singing. I said something about her British accent. We know it”s Britney Spears singing the song. I never said anything.”

Here”s the thing though … if you listen to the song — which unfortunately we did — 90% of Britney”s appearance on the song is the British accent. She only “sings” for a few seconds at best. 

The whole song is just a giant, auto-tuned mess anyway … so really, who cares