Eva Mendes Wants the Paps to Stay Away from her Dog

Eva Mendes Wants the Paps to Stay Away from her Dog

If there”s one thing to take away from a recent New York Magazine interview with Eva Mendes, it”s that she wants her privacy.

Admiring British laws that require tabloids to blur children”s faces, the “Training Day” star wishes the U.S. would extend the same protection to her dog.

Annoyed at the personal details that became known, Eva explains, “I”ll go somewhere and they”ll be like, “Hey, Hugo!” and I”m like, “How do you know Hugo”s name” That”s so creepy!”

When later asked to get personal herself about her relationship with hunky Ryan Gosling, the 39-year-old actress declined, saying, “That”s where I start to shut down. Because it gets into personal territory that I don”t feel comfortable talking about. So sorry.”

However, the interviewer didn”t take the hint and next asked if she”d be having a child with the “Notebook” star. Ready to bolt, she laughed, “I”m so out of here. You know the cartoon where the steam comes out and it says, “Boop-bee-boop. System down””