English Soccer Stud Ashley Cole — Cursed Out by Chick at Bar … ‘I Hope He Gets Raped!’ [Video]

YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!! 091513_chelsea_soccer_launchPremier League soccer star Ashley Cole learned a valuable lesson at a Missouri bar — possibly drunk American chicks don”t give a crap about English soccer stars … and our sources has video of the epic ass-chewing she gave him.

It all went down when Cole”s team, Chelsea FC, was in St. Louis for a match against Manchester City back in May. Ashley and a few teammates hit up a bar called Hair of the Dog. Witnesses tell us there was a small dispute with the bartender over how much the players tipped, but they left without incident.

But outside the bar things got heated when a woman offered the footballers a ride to their hotel — and Cole refused to go … thereby igniting the most vicious U.S.-British exchange since 1776.

Highlights from the angry American:

— “My people don”t give two s**ts about you.”

— “They (Cole and co.) don”t even know how to tip!”

— “I hope this stupid ass gets robbed, gets beat, gets raped right here on the motherf**king sidewalk!”

She had much more to say — and to their credit Cole and his mates kept relatively calm … but you have to see the rant to do it justice.

Oh, insult to injury … Chelsea lost to Man City, 4-3.